Five artists, one building: StewArt Studios open for both weekends of NCOS

Untitled watercolor by Joyce Jonte

Untitled watercolor by Joyce Jonte

StewArt Studios, at 1125 16th St., will be open both weekends of North Coast Open Studios, the annual art tour held each June. The studios of five artists will be featured from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. all four days, June 6-7 and 13-14.

StewArt Studios is a collective of several artist’s studios set in an old renovated and repurposed school building. It showcases one of the largest and well-known workspaces of artists on the 2015 tour. The studios will be open to view and purchase artwork both tour weekends. StewArt is the creative home base of artists: Joyce Jonte’, Susan Bornstein, Patricia Sennott, Libby George and hosts guest artist Seth Simpson for this year’s event.

Joyce Jonte’ has been drawing and painting all of her life, bringing paper and paints on every excursion. Her studio abounds with vibrant florals, figures and landscapes. Her paintings have always been inspired by the “exquisite world” she lives in, she says. The subject matter varies, but her response to form, contour, light and shadow remain constant.

Susan Bornstein’s acrylic paintings are known for their expressive use of vivid colors. When asked about her process, Bornstein says, “I take great pleasure in finding unexpected combinations of colors, textures and shapes in my everyday experience of the world. I feel that the ordinary becomes something new and unique when processed through the artist’s sensibilities. To me, the artist’s role is to notice, to take the time to see, to feel and to respond.”

Recent monotypes of local birds and garden florals by Patricia Sennott will be on display both weekends at her studio. Several printmaking workshops long ago enticed Sennott to work in monotype, her medium of choice for years now. Monotypes are handmade, one-of-a-kind prints made with oil-based ink and rag paper. At her studio she also shares her printing knowledge with students.

Sennott said Open Studios is “always an eventful & encouraging time for me. I get to meet new art enthusiasts, visit with old friends, and it can spark some new ideas! NCOS is also a rare opportunity to explain my somewhat obscure form of printmaking (monotype).”

Sennott will give a live demonstration of her work at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 14, the last day of NCOS.

"December Storm" by Libby George

“December Storm” by Libby George

For Open Studios Libby George will be showing her recent pastel paintings. Describing techniques for her most recent works on display, George says, “When I want lots of color I break out my pastels. I have a beautiful set of pastels made in New York. Made with pumice, these pastels are ideal for layering one color on top of another.”

She will also be showing etchings of hummingbirds. “These etchings are a result of my continuing exploration of non-toxic solar printmaking techniques learned at the Making Art Safely Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

Seth Simpson is a guest artist of StewArt Studios for the 2015 NCOS tour. He will showcase recent ceramic works made from wheel-thrown, high-fire porcelain. His pieces range in size and intricacy, from tiny cups to large-scale, one-of-a-kind vessels.

“I strive to make strong, quiet, pots that are visually pleasing upon first inspection, but hopefully contain some subtle beauty that reveals itself to the user over time,” said Simpson.