Meet Natalie Craig

Natalie Craig

Photo by Ryan Filgas

Natalie Craig is the artist in charge of the North Coast Open Studios poster, each year. She is a mixed media artist using a variety of different papers, inks, charcoal, and watercolor among other things to paint, draw, and collage. She currently works out of and lives in her studio a short walk from the Arcata Plaza. Though seemingly abstract, her work is based in real life. A completed series of hers, once on display at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, was based on a breaking down sea wall, discussing the impermanence of humanity and an aesthetic appreciation in the small moments of beauty and form that result from the structure’s decay. Viewing the show would walk a visitor from one end of the sea wall to the edge of the ocean.


Natalie’s Open Studio

In the realm of Open Studios, Natalie has had quite a bit of practice, this being around her 10th year of participation. Here’s a small taste of her experience:

  • She usually gets a consistent flow of visitors, never all at once.
  • Lots of work is displayed, usually turning her studio into a sort of gallery.
  • She gets mostly local visitors, though a few come from out of state, and some wander off the Plaza. She gets return visitors and collectors, as well.
  • Talking about her art and having conversations with visitors is always one of her favorite parts.
  • She generally works the second weekend so she can visit other studios during the first.
  • In terms of “leave behinds,” she keeps a mailing list and sends out postcards to friends, artists, and past visitors.

Natalie’s work can be found HERE.