Promote! Promote! Promote!

While your NCOS Event Coordinator is busy promoting the entire event, we recommend you promote your own event, as well!

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great ways to reach out to the public. When you post, please include #ncos2022!
  • Consider creating your own Facebook Event for your open weekend(s). Be sure to make it Public (so it can be shared!), and please put your name in the event title, to keep it easily searchable and discernible from the official event pages.
  • You’re always welcome to share the official NCOS events with your fans and friends:
  • Press Release:┬áThe Mad River Union’s Submission Guide is a great resource for pointers (it’s a little less daunting, following their tips!). If you need photos, and have participated in the past, I may have something you can use. Send your finished release to me, and I’ll gladly do a final edit, lay it out for press, and send out to my email list, so you don’t have to re-invent that wheel. Email Monica (