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80. Synapsis Collective

Synapsis Collective

THE SYNAPSIS COLLECTIVE DreamMaker Project of the Ink People dedicated to experiments in performance, art, and community. Range of artists from many disciplines, working together to cultivate joy and participate in discourse about the questions facing society. 1675 Union St.,…
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18. Aida and Soph Kastel

Aida and Soph Kastel

BASKET SONG / COLLAPSIBLE INSTITUTE Willow basketry and ornamental weavings, origami lanterns and jewlery, paintings, drawings and more 2274 Eastern Ave., Arcata (707) 834-2889 azulah@gmail.com http://www.collapsibleinstitute.com Enter through back alley Open Friday, June 3 6-9pm Open BOTH Weekends sophtzulah