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49. Succulent Bliss

Creative succulent gardens in hand made draped cement planters; growing display garden of fun and funky planters Redwood Acres: 3750 Harris Ave., Eureka 845-2521 succulentbliss1@gmail.com At Redwood Acres, take last gate and go behind the large cream barn called “little more »

63. Richard McCutchan

Creekside Commons Wood sculptures, woodworking, stained glass, paintings 428 Howard Hts., Freshwater (530) 277-6563 richardmccutchan@sbcglobal.net richardmccutchan.com, thecreeksidecommon.com Open Weekend 1 (June 1-2) & Weekend 2 (June 8-9) Live performances in the Creekside Commons greenhouse at noon and 2 pm each more »